Delivery To Site

The activities for HyKinetics plant delivery encompass component & subsystem, transport to customer’s site and commissioning

The assembly activities are carefully planned in accordance to customers’ operational, environmental and safety requirements. The commissioning activities are carried out with a focus on end-user training.  A project manager supervises all the activities throughout plant assembly and commissioning cycle, training included.

Starting from unpacking , the assembly sequences and procedures, which were defined at the design stage, are carried out according to UNI EN 1090- 1 Directive and ISO 45000-1 standards.

Once the assembly is completed, the plant is started up and fine-tuned in order to achieve the target performance.

The activities for the commissioning are carried out in order to guarantee the customer full autonomy in the plant management both on-site and remotely from the customer control center.

Before handover, we will verify that the skills and information needed for the right plant management are provided.