Manufacturing & Testing

Manufacturing ranges from raw material and components procurement to system testing at Rebecchi Group facilities

Excellence and attention for details drive each manufacturing process to ensure maximum reliability throughout the plant life cycle. Our team is wholly dedicated to continuous improvement in quality, safety and environmental sphere throughout the entire value chain.  That is why simulation, quality control and testing before real-world operation is critical for us. A coordinator supervises all the activities along manufacturing cycle.

According to Eurocodes 3 standards (EN 1993-1-1 (2005), FEM structural analysis is carried out with the support of the most advanced CAD/CAM software platforms. Methods and procedures for quality control, shipping, on-site assembly and testing are an integral part of the conception and design of each plant.

As for critical carpentry, mechanical components and raw materials, in order to highlight the presence of cracks and inclusions, ultrasound and liquid penetrant inspections are performed. According to ISO 14731 2, ISO 9001 and UNI EN 1090-1 standards, visual and electromagnetic tests are performed during carpentry fabrication and mechanical component manufacturing to detect the presence of defects.

In accordance to the requirements specifically agreed with customers, the power train composed of the turbine, reduction gear, alternator and inverter is fully assembled in order to verify the overall functionality before shipping.