Depending on electric grid connection or not, two are the markets that can be addressed

Where the electric grid does not reach.

SHP technologies provide clean and cost-effective options for generating electrical power enabling various productive uses. Combining the benefits deriving from power generation and the possibility of using new technologies (renewable energy systems) for the off-grid storage, distribution and consumption of energy, local communities or industrial equipment can leverage on the electricity they need without grid interconnection.


Where the electricity power is guaranteed by the grid

The development of electricity generation through the full and comprehensive utilization of the power of watercourses allows to increase the share of green energy produced; energy which, if not exploited, would be lost. Moreover, where the grid is unreliable, it makes electric system more resilient. At the same time, each power plant investment must pay itself off and operate competitively.

Potential customers are

  • Large and Small Hydro Power Companies

  • Multi-Utilities

  • Water Management Consortia

  • Local Communities and Municipalities