Design & Engineering

Our engineering department has the know-how and the digital tools ideal to study and design the best solution for each type of opportunity, all this ensuring a near-zero environmental impact.

Design & engineering activities include the design of the following key subsystems:

  • Power train including turbine, reduction gear, electric generator and inverter;
  • Electric grid connection system, on-grid or off-grid;
  • Anchorage and turbine lifting systems;
  • Water flow accelerator (if needed);
  • Plant control system;
  • Data collection and analysis system for maintenance and performance management.

The integration of mechanical, electrical and electronic components is carried out to ensure the full plant functionality.

We take advantage of two cutting-edge digital tools:

  • FEM analysis to test mechanical components;
  • Advanced physics modeling for fluid-dynamic simulation

The design & engineering meet the best practices and technologies to reduce environmental impact (e.g. biodegradable lubricants, reuse of materials and recycling) and to improve safety through the adoption of the most stringent international standards for plant construction and operation.